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With this extensive QA vacancies database, you will find the most suitable job

Finding the perfect job is difficult for everyone. Especially when you have just finished your studies or when you are looking for a new experience in your career. Does this sound familiar? Looking for QA vacancies but with no success? Or are you looking for offshore engineer jobs specifically, but need a place where you can find and compare them? STAR is the company that can help you get further in your career, because they have made a comprehensive overview of potential workplaces available. Vacancies in their database, for example in the area of QA or offshore engineer jobs, are very suitable for both graduates and applicants who have been active in the engineering field for a longer time.

The perfect long-term work experience

STAR’s aim is to help specialists grow. When you work for this company, you will participate in the most challenging projects for interesting, inspiring clients. When you find a suitable project in, for example, the QA vacancies database, STAR guides and supports you from the start of the project to your ultimate goal. In this way, you take a step into the engineering field and you have the chance to extend your career significantly. A well-regarded degree is important, but you need work experience. Only then you can provide the right expertise where it is most needed. Therefore, STAR is the perfect place to seize new opportunities. When you want to build that experience with challenging and educational engineer jobs and projects, then STAR is your helping hand.

Upload your CV

The overview of offshore engineer jobs and QA vacancies is made much easier with your own account and your personal job alerts. Just add your CV to your account and you will be able to apply for interesting jobs in the most efficient way. Make sure that you keep your CV up to date, so employers of the leading technical companies will not miss out on any of your new skills. STAR is the perfect link between engineer and employer, even when you choose a traineeship! Take a look at all the possibilities STAR has to offer.