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FIFA 21 – FUT Freeze Is Here

FUT Freeze, the recurring December event, has begun in FIFA 21. This is a holiday program that’s giving players more ways to get rewards. During this time, players can take part in daily squad building challenges. There are also special player items to acquire and more. Let’s take a look at the activities that are available during this festive time of the year. For starters, we have the Freeze Team. These are special player cards that you can get in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

These items have position swapping and permanent upgrades. These upgrades feature stat changes for the new positions. Needless to say, these items give players diverse ways to build their teams. Special daily squad building challenges are available during the program. Complete them and get more players for your team. Each SBC release is a pair of two challenges. The second SBC allows players to gain access to a loan version of the player that is obtained as a reward. This is a great chance to test the player and see how it fits in your team’s setup.

Road to the Final Team 3 will be available during this event. The most important Group Stages in Europe are wrapping up and the RTTF program is here to celebrate this happening. The third installation of this selection will unlock more dynamic player cards. The upgrades are based on the teams’ performances during UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games. If the team has significant achievements, the players get upgrades.

FIFA 21 features a selection of cards called Icons that need no introduction. These are some of the world’s best footballers and the game acknowledges them. The Prime version of the Icon cards will be released during the event. This card shows the player at the moment of his best performance. You will find the Prime version in packs instead of the Base version. There will be two batches of Prime Icons coming in the next weeks. Icon Swaps are part of the event too. This is another FIFA 21 program that allows players to get Icon items.

Keep an eye on the game for the special objectives that grant you player tokens. Use the tokens to get Icon cards. You can also exchange them for packs when completing the token booth squad building challenges. There are 18 tokens to earn in total. The Icon Swap objectives are available until February 12th. Which one of these activities do you think is the most rewarding? U7BUY will reward you the best price of FUT coins ever.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Herms_Fang)