Use the services of a toxicologic pathology lab to check your chemicals for dangerous side-effects


As a pharmaceutical company you have invested a lot of time and money into developing new medication or vaccines to help people. The last thing you want is for these drug to be unsafe or for the users to experience negative side effects. Luckily, Global Pathology Support offers you rigorous toxicologic pathology exams. They carry out toxicological research to test whether your newly developed substances have toxicity levels where health risk is either non-existent or negligible. Recent disasters, such as with thalidomide and synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol in utero, have already made clear how important toxicologic pathology is to check the side-effect of chemical substances.

Toxicologic pathology tests according to relevant guidelines and compliance

Toxicologic pathology and the pathologist play a key role in ascertain whether pills and other medical substances can safely be administered to patients. This branch of science mainly focuses on identifying pathological changes and assessing how relevant they are. Additional chemical safety testing to study the impact on health and environment was made into law in 2007. Global Pathology Support meets all requirements of this Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals law. As such this lab can offer you excellent safety testing of your medication and vaccines. Testing always takes place according to the relevant OECD-guidelines and GLP-compliance.

The importance of toxicologic pathology in drug testing

The combination of toxicology studies and pathology have already proven to successfully identify dangerous side- effects in certain substances. Toxicologic pathology can predict important adverse drug effects and helps supports safe use of these substances in clinical trials. This method manages to detect adverse effects that would go unnoticed in conventional animal studies. Of course, these findings are not always clear cut. Matters such as clinical chemistry, organ weight changes and organs systems need to be taken into account. Which is why the toxicologic pathologist at Global Pathology Support have undergone rigorous training and thorough education in these matters to make a proper safety assessment of your substances.