Get your abnormal load permits with professional help

Do you need abnormal load permits? This allows you to haul special transports across the continent. However, to get these permits can be a challenge. If you are in this kind of situation, E.T.E. is there to help you out. They have lots of experience with these cases and provide you with abnormal load permits as soon as possible. This company is one of the larger players in Europa when it comes to exceptional transport. Are you interested in their expertise? Get in touch with them today and make an appointment to discuss your wishes and needs. Before you know it, you receive your abnormal load permit for exceptional transport.

Why choose for this specific company for your abnormal load permits?

There are several reasons why you would choose for E.T.E. to get your abnormal load permits. This company has a unique position in the European transportation field. Over the years, they build up a comprehensive database of clients. And in order to get those abnormal load permits, a wide network is required. Do you lack resources, but do you need an abnormal load permit? Ask this professional company! They assist you with filling out a permit application form. Their network extents across the entire continent. And most of the competition covers only certain areas or countries. This is a good reason to choose for E.T.E. for your abnormal load permits.

Short-term or long-term abnormal load permits

What are you wishes for abnormal load permits? These are the most important at a company as E.T.E. There are several options for an abnormal load permit. Are you interested in a short-term or long-term contract? The long-term permits are valid for a year or more and issued for a large network of road or even nationwide. If the validity of your permit expires, you will be contacted by one of the experts of E.T.E. So, why choose for this company? It often requires a lot of work to apply for such a permit. And of course, you are not dealing with this matter every day. Even when you have done this before, unexpected problems can appear.

Why would we use ballastless tracks?

For a long time, you are trying to find a right construction process for a railway track. However, it is dangerous to use tracks who have movement in them. The use of concrete sleepers fixed this a little, but the tracks are still not good enough for our current transport system. Because the railway track laying procedure is an intensive process, Stabirail tried to find a solution. And they did. Instead of using wood, the use of ballastless tracks makes the process much less intensive. The slab tracks are directly attached to the concrete to make them reliable and low in maintenance. By applying them directly to the concrete, they save a lot of valuable time in the laying procedure of the railway track.

A longer lifespan is guaranteed with slab tracks

If you compare a train made 100 years ago and a train of today, you would see a lot of differences. However, this does not apply to tracks. They have stayed the same for all those years. You can imagine what our fast transport system does with these old, wooden tracks. It makes them less reliable and over the years they start to move. Stabirail, a company specialized in construction and engineering, developed a more secure way of the railway track laying procedure. Their ballastless slab tracks rest on concrete. This concrete has been poured in a certain way to make it stronger. During the construction process of the railway, the track is directly attached to the concrete. This makes the tracks especially suitable for subway or metro construction, and it guarantees a longer lifespan.

The ballastless slab tracks have many advantages

Unfortunately, railway tracks have not seen much development over the years. Wooden sleepers are still used, which can be a risk for the current transport system. Stabirail developed a way to solve this, without having an intensive laying procedure for the railway track. With the usage of ballastless or slab tracks the rails do not move after they have been laid. Besides that, they are very low in maintenance which saves companies a lot of money. But that is not all. The advantages also include a longer lifespan of the tracks and an outstanding track geometry. The company even developed a way to make the construction process easier by mounting the railway track directly to the concrete.