The latest Jackets & coats trends

Every season there are a number of trends in jackets coats. A number of trends that come to the fore this season are leather coats, the use of burgundy, trenchcoat and comfortable warm vest that make an outfit classic. In our online clothing store you will find the best coats for this season. In addition, you will find a new range of jackets every day in shop2fashion designer clothing collection with discounts of up to 40 percent.

Warm trendy coats fort he cold winter season

In the coming period you will see the colorfull burgundy appear in many variations.  Why are the color burgundy is used in some coats? Because the warm colors gives a modern luminous look. The color is predominantly present in many other clothing, but in some items the color is subtly incorporated. Are you curious about which items you can add to your clothing collection? Then take a look at shop2fashion online clothing store.


Women’s warm sweater clothing trends

The burgundy color is strongly visible in Shop2fashion women sweaters wearing, often in combination with several accessories. Black pants are sometimes combined with a yellow sweater. You will also see the burgundy color in combination with, for example, burgundy colored lipstick. In our women’s sweater collection, you will find the perfect combination that match the current trends. Bordeaux is a warm color that fits well with the cold period in the winter. In the online women’s  sweater clothing from shop2fashion, you will find top brands for an outlet price. That is a nice way to expand your clothing collection for this season. Take a look today at our women’s  sweater clothing.

An egg processing machine that handles eggs with great care


When you process eggs, you want them to be handled with care. But processing everything by hand can be an incredibly time-consuming and mundane process. Therefore it is best to leave the egg processing to a machine that is especially designed to handle eggs. The machines that are manufactured by Moba Group meet this criterium. They handle eggs with incredible efficiency, without cracking a single egg. Unless, of course, it is an egg breaking machine, which has that exact purpose.

Choose for an efficient machine and excellent customer support

Ordering your egg processing machine from Moba Group has more advantages than efficiency alone. Not only are their machines high-end, their customer service is also excellent. They are available 24/7 for advice and support. Should you run into any problems with your egg separator machine, for instance, they will find the root cause of the problem for you. They can do so straight away, right from their computer. After that they will either provide you with an easy way to fix the issue or send a support team your way. Either way, your egg separator or other processing machine will be running smoothly again in no time.

The right egg handling equipment for any size of plant

Why not buy your egg separator or other processing machine from world’s best manufacturer of egg handling machinery? Purchase the equipment you need from Moba Group and be certain of high quality machinery that is efficient, durable and reliable. They offer many different types of egg processing equipment, so you are sure to find a machine that fits your needs. Some machines can clean and grade the eggs, whereas others can even package them and determine their size. They also come in different sizes, so both small and large plants are sure to find what they need in Moba Group’s assortment.

Walk all day in these cute trainers


When looking for cute trainers to put the cherry on top of your outfit, they need to have it all. Great fit, beautiful style and amazing colour. You want to be able to comfortably walk in them all day, daze your friends with the way they look and feel beautiful, all at the same time. There’s only one place where you can find trainers which have all this. Steve Madden is the place where shoe dreams come to life. In their broad assortment you find all kinds of trainers. Dad trainers, chunky trainers and all-white trainers. Whatever you are looking for, in their web shop you will most definitely find it.

Get noticed in these beautiful heeled sandals

Are you more a heel-wearing kind of gal? Well, at Steve Madden they’ve got you covered! Their heeled sandals are the perfect combo of a comfortable shoe with the height you expect from heels! Because of the ankle strap, you can easily walk in them all day without any problems. Find the pair that makes your fashion heart skip a beat. Is the Mikaela your perfect match? Or is the open-toed Stecy more your kind of heel? With the assortment of heeled sandals at Steve Madden you will most definitely find the pair you are looking for. What are you waiting for?

Get some inspiration from fashionistas

Are you stuck because you just love all the items in their web shop too much? Maybe you can narrow it down by getting some cute inspiration from fashionistas who styled their outfits with Steve Madden items. In the insta shop you will find their looks and you can shop them right away by tapping the items. Isn’t that perfect? Well, go on and find your perfect pair of heeled sandals or trainers right away. Happy shopping, girls!

Des escarpins séduisants


Sens-toi superféminine et séduisante avec une belle paire d’escarpins Steve Madden. Tes jambes paraissent beaucoup plus longues et plus minces lorsque tu portes des talons ! Complète toute ta tenue de soirée avec les talons séduisants plein de détails cool. Assure-toi de rayonner sur chaque soirée ! Découvre la collection Steve Madden et trouve les escarpins qui font battre ton cœur plus vite. Des talons hauts rendent chaque look féminin et élégant. Avec des escarpins noirs ou nudes sous ta jupe crayon ou un pantalon tu soulignes ton allure professionnel et classique au travail. Lors d’une fête ou soirée tes talons hauts, bien sûr, peuvent être plus glamoureux. Que dis-toi d’escarpins ou sandales argentés, dorés ou pailletés sous ta robe préférée ? Fais tourner les têtes avec ces belles accroches ! Ou préfères-tu un look séduisant en portant des escarpins rouges ? Chez Steve Madden tu trouves sans doute ce que tu désires.

Fais tourner les têtes avec de belles baskets

Découvre également les baskets Steve Madden : parfait si tu as envie de combiner du confort avec de la grâce ! Depuis 1990, Steve Madden a su raffiner les femmes à travers ses chaussures et ses accessoires. La boutique en ligne possède des modèles baskets novateurs toujours inspirés du style funky. Steve Madden te propose des baskets pas comme les autres : en style slip on ou avec semelle à plateforme ou compensée : à toi le choix ! Plus modestes que ses escarpins, mais toujours avec une signature typiquement Steve Madden dans les détails. Leurs baskets sont ainsi parfaites pour accompagner un look décontracté et confortable mais toujours sophistiqué. Par les coupes, les formes et les couleurs, cette marque novatrice aime étonner les femmes courageuses !

Laisse-toi inspirer

Tu as des difficultés à faire un choix ? C’est compréhensible puisque toute la collection Steve Madden est magnifique. Par conséquent, consulte l’Instashop. Ici, tu peux voir comment tu peux combiner tes nouvelles perles avec des tenues différentes. Clique simplement sur ton favori et achète-le ensuite facilement via la boutique en ligne.

The MontBlanc Ballpoint pens are the absolute best


When looking for the perfect pen, there is no question that the MontBlanc Ballpoint pens are the absolute best. These luxurious pens are the perfect asset for everyone who loves writing and only wants to use the best utensils. ‘Where can I buy Mont Blanc pens?’, do you ask? It is best to buy a MontBlanc Ballpoint pen at an official dealer, such as P.W. Akkerman. This company has ties with MontBlanc and provides you with all the best models of this luxury brand. You can easily order your favourite model online.

The place to buy your luxurious stationary

If you want to enjoy the comfort and elegance of the MontBlanc Ballpoint pens, P.W. Akkerman is the place to buy your pens and stationery. You will find every model that is on the market in the online shop of this company. For instance, the MontBlanc Virginia Woolf Writers edition, which is a very popular collection. Are you looking for something extra special? They also offer limited editions of several models. These models have only been manufactured for a few hundred times. Besides the MontBlanc Ballpoint pens you can also buy other stationary, such as:

  • Agendas
  • Filofax
  • Photo albums
  • Inkbottles
  • Cartridges

Get all the information about MontBlanc you need

The answer to the question ‘Where can I buy Mont Blanc pens?’ is simple: you buy them at specialist P.W. Akkerman. All MontBlanc writing equipment is easily ordered online. Depending on your location and the current stock, your order is delivered to you within 5 working days. This way, you can enjoy your new MontBlanc Ballpoint pen within a few days. Are you wondering: ‘Where can I get more information about the Mont Blanc pens I want to buy?’ This is also something P.W. Akkerman can assist you with. Just get in touch with them, they will gladly inform you about all the models and possibilities.


This company creates new and fruitful possibilities for tree planting companies


A lot of cities contain parks, gardens and other natural environments. In most cases, tree planting companies which create these natural areas face a lot of problems and challenges during the planting process. That is because an urban environment is not always suitable for planting trees. Maybe you are not aware of the many solutions which can be applied today. These solutions are made possible by the innovative company Treebuilders. Their specialists have the knowledge and experience to let trees thrive and mature in an environment which cannot offer the necessary natural sources. In this way, this company creates a balance between maintaining city nature and protecting city infrastructure and utilities buried underground. They have built their experience through discussion with nurseries, landscape architects and other professionals.

The bioretention system makes a natural environment healthy

There are different problems for tree planting companies, despite the fact that they are innovating continuously. For example, trees often die prematurely because their roots lack sufficient space to expand. They are unable to absorb water to grow and stay healthy and alive. Another problem is the possible city infrastructure damage because of uncontrolled root growing to the surface. Tree planting companies can benefit from the so called ‘bioretention system’ which Treebuilders has developed. The bioretention system serves both subsurface water retention and infiltration, which makes an effective clean water management possible. The bioretention system avoids a bad natural water balance by urbanization.

Discover the interesting innovations

The bioretention system is just one of the solutions Treebuilders offers to tree planting companies. Also the so-called ‘sandwich construction’ is a perfect tool to make natural areas in cities in the best way possible. In summary, this is a pressure spreading system that keeps soil from compacting and increases the available space for root growth. The experts of this company are happy to inform you about their technologies and answer all your questions.

The foremost innovative firelighters manufacturers in the world


Though many firelighters manufacturers have a wide range of fire-related products on offer, Fire-Up International is the company that offers sustainable versions of these products. As one of the few international firelighter manufacturers with bountiful experience in the field of fire-starting products, you will notice their expertise in the quality of their products. Specializing in private labels, they export their products all over the world. Having recently invested in an entirely new production site, the company now boasts an innovative production line, supported by complementary packaging lines. Fire-Up International is ready for our sustainable future.

A liveable environment, through sustainable fire-starting equipment

When it comes to supplying ecological, sustainable products in their industry, Fire-Up International is at the forefront of new developments. Their team works together to offer to make sure that the company can supply the very best products to the fast-moving consumer goods market – in fact, they’ve done so for more than 30 years. From firelighters to charcoal, briquettes and more, this manufacturer’s product range spans the entirety of fire-starting needs. This fire-related products specialist supplies the means to start a hearth fire or light the barbecue easily, safely and most importantly, in an eco-friendly manner. With products from Fire-Up International always made up of 100% renewable biological materials, the company invests in making the ecological difference. This places Fire-Up International as a manufacturer at the forefront of the push towards a supply of entirely green firelighters.

Reach out to this company today

Fire-Up International is proud to hold a CO2-neutral status, unique in the firelighter manufacturing market. You’ll find its products in supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers all over the world. If you are interested, your store can offer eco-friendly fire-related products too. In this way, you’ll be contributing to a better environment. Beside the high-quality products Fire-Up International offers to its customers, it promises excellent service and response time. They aim to establish a partnership that guarantees mutual benefits in the production of fire-related products. If you have any questions at all, their expert representatives would be happy to answer them.

Import your favourite cars from Dubai or Japan efficiently


Are you looking for a car trading company that operates worldwide to make sure that you can import your cars from Japan or Dubai in the most efficient way? Marlog Car Handling really knows how to get things done, because they are highly specialised in all the aspects of international car import and export. Have you seen a collection of beautiful classic cars in Japan and have you selected one of them? Or are you interested in a very luxurious car from Dubai? Marlog Car Handling has built a lot of experience and is able to import your cars from Dubai or Japan with ease. Thanks to their extensive network of foreign car dealers and their cooperation with all kind of companies within the car trade field, your car can be transported safely against low prices.

The way of working of this company makes your import a success

Perhaps importing cars from Japan or Dubai has been your idea for a long time, but you have never really considered it to put it into practice. Or maybe you have other ideas, like car shipping to Dubai or import and transport bikes from Japan? When you call upon the help of an experienced company like Marlog Car Handling, you will discover that it can be carried out with very least effort. How do they make this possible? They keep the lines of communication with other companies short and manage the complete process of the car import. This means that agreements with foreign car dealers will be arranged and that all the documentation is completely handled. You do not have to worry about bad and inefficient communication, because Marlog Car Handling will take care of everything!

The services you need in one complete package

Safe and fast importation of your favourite cars from abroad and a 100% successful result, that is the service you can count on. Import cars form Dubai or Japan with the help of this company and, by weekly shipments, you enjoy your new car in just a few days. Inland transport, ocean freight and handling, arranging licenses, payment intermediation: there are absolutely no parts of the importing process that you have to worry about. Communicate your preferences and the specialists of Marlog Car Handling will offer you custom service, as complete as possible.

With this extensive QA vacancies database, you will find the most suitable job


Finding the perfect job is difficult for everyone. Especially when you have just finished your studies or when you are looking for a new experience in your career. Does this sound familiar? Looking for QA vacancies but with no success? Or are you looking for offshore engineer jobs specifically, but need a place where you can find and compare them? STAR is the company that can help you get further in your career, because they have made a comprehensive overview of potential workplaces available. Vacancies in their database, for example in the area of QA or offshore engineer jobs, are very suitable for both graduates and applicants who have been active in the engineering field for a longer time.

The perfect long-term work experience

STAR’s aim is to help specialists grow. When you work for this company, you will participate in the most challenging projects for interesting, inspiring clients. When you find a suitable project in, for example, the QA vacancies database, STAR guides and supports you from the start of the project to your ultimate goal. In this way, you take a step into the engineering field and you have the chance to extend your career significantly. A well-regarded degree is important, but you need work experience. Only then you can provide the right expertise where it is most needed. Therefore, STAR is the perfect place to seize new opportunities. When you want to build that experience with challenging and educational engineer jobs and projects, then STAR is your helping hand.

Upload your CV

The overview of offshore engineer jobs and QA vacancies is made much easier with your own account and your personal job alerts. Just add your CV to your account and you will be able to apply for interesting jobs in the most efficient way. Make sure that you keep your CV up to date, so employers of the leading technical companies will not miss out on any of your new skills. STAR is the perfect link between engineer and employer, even when you choose a traineeship! Take a look at all the possibilities STAR has to offer.

Beginning with squash


All these negative consequences can be remedied with a good squash bag. The thermal layer in a squash bag counteracts the temperature fluctuations and the size of these bags is large enough to store a squash racket in its entirety. This will protect your racket much better and it will last longer.

Quality Squash Stores is an international squash webshop.

Better for your squash shoes
A good bag is also recommended for your shoes. A professional squash bag is equipped with ventilation so that all your squash gear, including your shoes, can evaporate after exercise. By playing squash intensively, your shoes get wet. If your shoes don’t evaporate, they stay wet and that is detrimental to the line of your squash shoes. The result is that your shoes need to be replaced sooner.

Squashtas and racket
Everything at your fingertips
It is also very nice to have a good bag where you can store everything neatly, so you won’t forget to bring anything with you. Many squash bags have handy shoe compartments and many small extra compartments for accessories such as sweatbands, valuables and squash grips. Very handy, because that way all things have their own place and they also stay neat. A squash bag is an ideal bag to have everything at hand!Squash sports bags are available in different models, sizes, colours etc. What size do you need? How to choose the best bag for you?

Quality Squash Stores is an international squash webshop.

Squash sports bags are available in different models, sizes, colours etc. What size do you need? How to choose the best bag for you?

What should I pay attention to when buying a squash bag?
When you are going to buy a new squash bag, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. It is useful to pay attention to a number of things like the size of the bag, the number of rackets you can carry in it, the number of separate compartments and the carrying system. Also how often you squash is a point of attention that you can take into consideration. Of course, it does matter whether you only use the bag once a week or more often. I will explain the points of attention for you below. If you know roughly what criteria your bag should meet, it will be easier to find the perfect squashtasks.

The size
Squash bags are available in different sizes, for the avid recreational player or for the active match player. The exact size you need is mainly determined by the number of rackets, the shoe size and the amount of other stuff you want to take with you. The right size determines what you need to bring to the squash court.

Sports outfit with squash bag
Squash bags are available in different sizes: 3, 6, 8/9, 10/12, backpacks and duffels. Are you looking for a squash bag that can hold your racket, bottle and some other materials? Then a backpack or a 1-compartment bag is sufficient. Would you like to be able to bring a pair of squash shoes with you? For example, a 3-pocket squash bag is recommended.

It is advised to choose a slightly larger squash bag than you actually need, so you don’t clog up and the squash bag will stay good for longer.

The shoe size
Do you think it’s important that the squashtas has a separate compartment your shoes? Then it’s good to know that your shoes are one of the bigger things in the bag. Don’t choose a bag that is too small if you have a large shoe size. Not all squash bags also have a thermal layer. So pay attention to this when making your choice.

The carrying system
The carrying system may vary from one squash bag to another. There are bags with one shoulder strap, but also with two shoulder straps that you can carry as a backpack. It is therefore important to know how you want to transport your bag. For example, do you always go by bike or public transport? Then it is useful that the squashtasks can be carried on your back and therefore has two shoulder straps. If you always go by car, this is less important. The wearing comfort is determined by the lining of the shoulder straps. All squash bags have a separate handle that makes it easy to lift the bag or take it out of the car.

Woman with squash bag
Many squash bags come with handy features, such as an integrated shoe compartment, where you can also store your dirty laundry after your workout. In addition, almost all bags have a separate compartment for accessories such as wristbands, a bottle and extra grips. Most bags also have a special zipper pocket for your valuables, such as your keys, phone and wallet.

Brand and colour
In addition to all these advantages, it is of course also just fun and neat to have it well done. Then it’s really finished. The brand as well as the colour of the squash bag you choose, is a personal choice. Many squashers like to have a squashtas of the same brand as the racket they play with. Some brands have divided their range of squash bags into different lines or collections, offering both simple and luxurious bag lines for every type of player. Many squash bags can also be used as a