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Madden NFL 21 – Zero Chill Winter Event Has Arrived

Starting December 14th, Madden NFL 21 players have more things to do as the Zero Chill event has started. As you can guess from the name, this is a holiday-themed event. The event will be released in several stages. We are now in the first stage. Part I comes with new players, sets, challenges, and new items in the store. There will be more coming in the next weeks, but for now, let’s focus on the current content.

We will start with the new features introduced by the event. We have snow and chill factor. You will gain snow while playing. As you complete event activities, you will gain chill factor and unlock rewards based on how much chill factor you’ve gained. To advance your chill factor rating, you must complete event activities such as daily objectives, challenges, and sets.

Part I of the program comes with six chill factor tiers. As you gain a tier, you must complete a challenge and then you receive the reward. The prizes include snow currency, beast food collectible, and a special pack.

Zero Chill comes with many new players. So far, we have Charles Woodson OVR 95 and Derrick Henry OVR 95 as the two Master items. More player cards are available and more will follow in the next parts of the program. The event has sets and challenges. There’s the Small Present set for which you need two 80-82 OVR Elite players. The reward is a random player from the event. The Random Present gives you the same reward but you can complete it two times and you have the chance to obtain a better quality player.

You will need one 87-88 OVR elite, two 85-86 OVR elite, and three 80-82 OVR elite players to complete it. The Medium Present set is similar. The Hot Cocoa set allows you to obtain a Hot Cocoa collectible in exchange for players from the event and elite players. The collectible is used on Frozen players to upgrade them to 92 OVR. There are also two Master sets, one for each Master player. Zero Chill Part I features 14 challenges that give you rewards based on how many stars you obtain. These challenges give you the opportunity to collect more snow.Others cost training points, coins, trophies, or points. If you ever need to buy Madden coins, check out MUTeamGo for some great deals!


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)