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Flue dampers and valves in a variety of shapes and sizes

Whether you need flue dampers or other industrial valves, you want to acquire them from a manufacturer that delivers high-quality products. A company that has countless satisfied customers and a wide range of industrial products. Hoogenboom Valves is such a manufacturer. They produce flue dampers, butterfly damper valves and many other industrial dampers and valves. Their product range consists of dampers and valves in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find what you need. Does your project require a bespoke solution? Even that is possible when you count on the experts of Hoogenboom Valves.

High-quality products at a competitive price

Not only does Hoogenboom Valves deliver high-quality dampers and valves, they do so at a competitive price. This means that you get the best quality material for the lowest possible price. This way you can cut costs without having the quality suffer from it. It enables you to, in turn, supply your customers with high-quality solutions at a competitive price and therefore gives you an edge over your competition. What’s more, is that the flue dampers and other valves are produced according to the newest technologies. This way you are always ensured of state-of-the-art materials that last for many years to come.

Bespoke solutions that last

When you ask Hoogenboom Valves to deliver a bespoke solution, they start out by designing the damper of valve with high-end 3D software. When the design meets your criteria, they will develop it using the latest laser cutting techniques and the best materials possible. Their skilled professionals deliver a product that meets both your standards and safety and security regulations. You will even continue to benefit from their valves and dampers for many years to come, because of the high-quality. Many of the valves they installed 36 years ago when their company was founded are still in use today.